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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stockholm ♥

 The fear of water, ships and everything related with sea defines me as a person. Although I still managed to do the unthinkable, I went to Stockholm by ship.

Luckily I had Vanja's hand to squeeze: 

Bye, bye Tallinn...:

...and hello Stockholm:

We were the most sober ones onboard the ship, due to Vanja being a teetotaller (one needs to sober up to run a marathon). Only entertainment we had was the Swedish television and a music quiz together with seniors. In the end of the day it was so worth it, because walking around in Stockholm with 22°C was so bloody rewarding.
Loving this city to the bits:

Minecraft exhibition. How very Swedish of them:

The famous cherry trees at Kungsträdgården were in bloom
Many pictures were taken, flower power overload:

I have come a long way since moving away from Stockholm, I now have instagram:

Vanja testing his Apple products:

Cannot get that goofy smile off my face.
Hemma bra, men Sverige bäst!:

We started off our day at Götagatan, there Vanja sat down at a coffee house and I started with my shopping spree at stores nearby. Win - win situation. 
We ended up at Östermalm, without even stepping a foot on the Drottninggatan, the tourist heaven.

Posh people as we are, Östermalm is just Gone with the Wind fabulous for us. Vanja needed some Laurent and Lacoste to pimp him up, but I just wanted some sunshine in my wardrobe:

Can you get the hint of the amazing weather?:

After money had been invested into retail, 
we carried on to Moderna museum:

Sales advisor asked him where he is from and he just said 
"Eastern Europe" with a Russian accent and an evil laugh.
Freaking Swedish people out, he loves it: 

A duck. En anka. Part.:

The bag has stories to tell:

Vanja and the duck - the staring competition:

On my to-do list before I die - The Duchamp exhibition.

This is one famous toilet:

I had fun with the kaleidoscope at the gift shop:

It was mother-baby day at the museum.
Sweden - the best place to pop them kids:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, 
who's the tallest of them all?

To end our day properly:

Skandinavian Minds:

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