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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Haapsalu day I

The company that Fred works for has a tradition to go to Haapsalu HÖFF every year.
 As it was last days of my holiday, I invited myself along on the field trip. 
It was like the perfect plan, every detail just fell into place. 
A.k.a. perfect asses landed on the back seat and "Hey ho, let's go!"

I lost my heart at Haapsalu.  

This pictures symbolises how life works - some are goofy and some are shit serious:

Actually I should have photoshopped Ian into our peace out session, 
since he was greatly missed. The summer cottage says hi!
Pizza and wine - perfect combo:

Talking trash about bloggers, whose CV is quite empty 
yet there's a big bold text in times new roman: "Famous Estonian blogger".
Our fart smells better than that (snaps with fingers):

Fred's fellow workaholics:

Flash party was rather empty and boring: 

Club Apteek was a true medicine for our soul.
Shaggy makes you dance hard:

B-r-a-a-v-u-u-u-r-i-t-a-r, proska:

Talking about Erki Nool:

"There are crazy people in town":

more fun than should be allowed continues in the next episode.

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