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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Melissa, upgrade you

Just realised that even my blogpost headlines are influenced by Beyoncé. Hormones, why u so crazy?! 
Actually I have more important stories to tell than my inner life. 
Few weeks ago Melissa had a birthday! 
She's a grown woman, she can do whatever she wants (I did it again, oh B):

Think about it...the first day of the year 
when you can keep the door open without freezing. 
Even Ms.Dog is satisfied:

My fists are ready to punch the photographer:

It was the first day of the "warm Easter of 2014", 18 degrees. NEVER FORGET!:

Before heading to Melissa's, we went to Linnateater.
When the play ended, I was thirsty for a beer, thus we were running to Melissa's place:

Boys took the party to the kitchen, I was totally ruining their penis moment:

Epp facepalm meme:

Different people want different things.
Some want a puppy, others want a bottle of wine:

It's impossible to surprise Melissa with a photo-camera. 
She is always ready:

Sits like a gentleman (a lady? to be fair I did not look). 
I'm referring to the dog, if you had any questions:

If only Fred would be hairier and black, 
then he would get more attention from the women:

Photo-camera does not lie, the truth is that the photographer was overly focused on the food. 
Others became kind a blurry (sorry M.):

The quiz "How well do you know Melissa".
Epp and I were on the same team, we laughed hard, but failed harder. 
The emotions on the opposite team - "The thinking faces":


Not sure if surprised or 
somebody's is threatening her with a gun:

Melissa has the cutest room, here the boys are talking about positive and negative sides of IKEA:

Ott came to Estonia for a week, an enekas was in order:

Hustler is hustling with the ladies: 

Later on we hit the town and Melissa managed to sell her hat for 10€. 
A lot of happy emotions were exchanged that evening (the man wanted to be a unicorn).:

So much going on here, but ossi kükk is ossi kükk:

Even Ellen dropped by:

Queen Bee also sends her wishes:

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