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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Sam's birthday and trolleybus rave.

Like usually in former communist states, party starts on a trolleybus and ends in a dark basement. 
 That's a праздник!

Fred's colleague has a tradition to book a trolleybus for her birthday party. Party started at Kaubamaja and took us to Kopli - Mustamäe - Õismäe. In the middle of these stops we always had to return to Kaubamaja, because there was no possible way to turn around. Crazy fun. Especially when random people wanted to come onboard. 

Since the theme was "hair", I left my boyfriend at home and took Vallo with me.
He just saw how dry shampoo works:

Fisherman pants and feathers - party combo supermix:

Trying to be cute and everything:

I read this at 1992 Rahva Hääl...:

...wise words, wiser deeds:

Happy birthday, Malvina!:

Next stop dark basements.
 VP7 has the most awesome toilet ever, clocks were synchronised so that they would compose an interesting rhythm.
Techno tic-tac:

On that day Sam became one step older and wiser:

"Samm raskeks muutund järsul teel, jõud kadund, alles lootus veel
Vaev on liiga suur, surub ligi maad, liialt jõudu nõuab
On neetult ränk see mäkketõus ja kahtlema lööd oma jõus
Vaev on liiga suur, surub ligi maad, liialt jõudu nõuab"

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