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Monday, May 26, 2014

Vihterpalu. The paradise of Trammies.

Omg. Such. Much. Going on. Lazy. Blogger. LOL.

The last day in Haapsalu started for some of us a bit tiredly. 
For one of us it did not start at all, since the previous day just kept on going and going and going. 
A lot of knocks and fucks were received and given, 
so we were ought to go to Trammi's cottage/home/spa to redeem ourselves. 

My boyfriend's food brings all the girls in the yard, 
damn right, he is better than yours (excluding Erik S.):

The biggest mistake made that day:
sunscream was left home #whitegirlproblems:

His face when he sees your shitty sound-system burn down:

Now I understand why Trammi avoids being in Tallinn.
Nobody wants to go the Mordor, when they have such beautiful Shire:

Rehearsing our Tähelaev interview, there I would be the surprise guest:

New spa treatment = holding-your-head-maybe-it-works:

Great thanks to Ian and Tiiu,
without whom this selfie would not have been possible (Oscar speech):

My friends are amaze balls!

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