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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Casa del la Ilves

Well, basically I am almost done with university. Only things that are missing from filling the criteria: exam in computer handling skills (that should go fine, as I know how to open and close programs); internship at a museum (selling tickets and moving chairs from one place to another); Dutch language course (since I am missing 12 ECTS) and 20 page analysis about my dissertation. Efter det tar jag kanditatexamen i historia och svenska språket, yay!

Just few minutes after I was done with my dissertation, we went to see the FC Reaal football game. 
Weather was pleasant and pizza slices were delicious. Although they did manage to lose 0:5, ouch. 

To ease the disappointment, we went to Ott's place to have a sauna evening. Fred and I needed it so bad, since our sauna stove is broken and we do not have enough supermen to lift the new one into its place. (Besides sauna, spending time with Ott was cool too) 
Dirty dancing :

Sadly Berrymore was sick and was not allowed to run with me:

You know it is close to summer when you use shutter speed 1/500 and above. Bring in the light, yes!

The mofo is actually rather cute:

Sad puppy is sad.
Wants to do all the fun and games, but has to sit there:

Bros before hoes:

Interesting stories, concentrated people/dog:

I like you some much better when you're naked (skinny dipping in the cold water, brr):

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