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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Being gay

Maybe you think now that this is a 'coming out from the closet' story, although I am still very into men Fred. However as it is Stockholm Gay Pride week here I would like to discuss the matter of being gay. The main thing I love about living in Sweden is the openness and tolerance towards minorities. I know, I know it is very arguable subject as extreme right is rising everywhere. At least compared to Estonia it is a much more better place to be gay. And compared to Russia Estonia is very gay-friendly, so it depends what you compare it with. 
"Pride! Sun is shining and everyone's happy. Except the nazis, the islamists, the fundamental christians and extreme rights." - Jonas Gardell (the most famous gay in Sweden might I say)

I come from a very open family. My parents had me when they were 20, so my upbringing was quite youthful. I mean when my dad's girlfriend was pregnant and everyone asked the annoying question "Is it a boy or a girl?", my dad answered "It will choose itself what it wants to be at the age of 18." 
Also my family had a close contact with a gay person, as one of my family member is a lesbian. She came out when I was like 10 or something and I was like "Oh, that makes sense!". My great-grandmother born in 1921 was very chill about, I mean she had seen some things in her long life, so this was nothing to flip out about. My grandfather born in 1943 was a bit more shocked, as he was born during Second World War and his youth was during the strictest Stalinism era, however he just asked some follow-up questions and was fine about it. I mean Soviet time might have fucked us up, but it is still not the reason for being so scared towards minorities. 

Some of my best friends are gay. So I have seen some journeys of coming out from Narnia and I was/am supporting them fully. One of my friends has been out for quite some time, yet he still has to take the final step and reveal himself to his father (I still don't understand how the dad has not figured it out yet, I mean, his son is so gay that he can't even drive straight.)
Have I ever written so long? Long story short - I wish same sex partnership legalisation issue gets its solution, I wish my gay friends could adopt children (as I know some of them have been in a long committed relationship and would be amazing parents), I wish that people would not freak out seeing an ad with two guys kissing. 
Tl;dr. Less hatin', more lovin'. 

This is how you ride over the rainbows:

The LGBT support team at work, 
as the Pride parade went by our store:

Woke up like this:

I have glitter bags under my eyes:

Thank you Stockholm:

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