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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Farah 30

 This week my fierce friend Farah earned grown up points and got upgraded to level 30. We are growing up! You know, the older you get, the better you get (unless you're a banana).

We met up with the Powerpuff Girls before hitting the party.

The Class of Summer 2016:

Woke up like this:

Beer pressure:

The moment when there's 10 timer pictures and you're out of poses to give:

"Baby bend over, baby bend over,
let me see you do that yoga":

"Two cocktails before I go home":

Then we went to F12 to meet the F30:

This picture illustrates the word 'beauty' in the dictionaries all around the world:

In October she just came to me and asked if I know *insert secret Estonian names here* and I did! Damn, we have mutual friends and probably have partied together at EKKM without knowing each other. She made me feel like home here in Stockholm, thank you Farah!

Married, 30 and fucking fabulous:

Version 3.0. download completed:

Polaroid never gets out of style:

The fireworks:

Farah had 30 bottles of champagne!
And this gentleman took care of that our glasses would never be empty.
I salute him!:

Sadly I went home way too early,
since duty was calling the next day 7am.
"Wörk, wörk, wörk, wörk."

Stockholm + summer nights =  

It's so awesome to meet so cool people. World is our oyster.

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