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Sunday, July 24, 2016

May-june on film

The greatest lag in life = making pictures with analog camera. 
May the patience be with you!

So let's go back to that lovely day in May, when I became 25.
I think some flowers are growing out from my tits?

My birthday was great, despite the fact that we lived in Jacobsberg, the land far far away:


Twice a year I put my high-heels on
and I suddenly remember that I can't walk on high-heels.
Oh, well.

Next occasion was week after my birthday, I flew to Tallinn to defend my bachelor thesis.
After blood, sweat and tears I got my well-deserved champagne with my lil brother:  

That moment I knew I have graduated from university. 

All we ordered was this onion:

I got a sexy boy and thesis in my hands and a grade B in my pocket:

Work outfit off and party clothes on:

This is what Tyra ever thought me in one picture:

The day after I met up with my dad and the family dog.
She first barks at me, because she is so old and then she realises it is me...*insert aww here*:

I miss her the most:

Then 2h before heading to the airport, I still had time to enjoy home sweet home.
(I'm so white that people think I am a reflector):

This is what Estonia feels and tastes like:

From my front door to airport 25 minutes.
From Tallinn to Stockholm 45 minutes:

Bye, bye Pirita:

Back in Stockholm.
In June we moved to a new apartment. First toilet selfie:


6th of June, National day of Sweden.
(Horses are like "Stop blowing that tune into my ear, please):

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