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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Italian and gelato. Slovaks and roof.

Time to return to Wilma's Stockholm life, because a lot of Estonia is happening on this blog. When East side is all about fun and games, then Stockholm is eat, work, sleep and repeat. At work I now got a bigger bit to chew on and hopefully my teeth won't fall off. On a positive side I finally got internet banking and can see live view how little money I have - so happy that I broke though the bureaucracy though!
So this week in Wilma's life: chilling with my dear Slovaks on a roof that is more amazing than Slakthuset's + Spending time with my Italian friend who showed me the best gelato place in Stockholm. Of course my week consisted also of PMSing and dropping dead-tired on the bed, but that is not worth showing, aye? 

Thorildsplan - the coolest metro station in Stockholm:

Dušo (not pronounced as tussu) is making tofu chicken and soya aubergine: 

This dog was rescued just a day before he would have been killed.
He comes from the Caribbean and sólo habla español:

That view!:

Brought my last Estonian Õun lemonade to this holy event:

"The Canadian, Slovak and Estonian walk home..."
this is how anecdotes start:

"What ya doin'? Just chillin'"

Today it was such a nice weather to take my pale ass out to the city 
(I have snow camouflage):

Later on I met up with my Italian friend. A neighbour from my exchange student year in Stockholm. He took me to this place, that should be the best gelato in Stockholm. And if Italian says that...:

Basil gelato?! I came three times! Food orgasm!:

Pistachio + basil + Swedish strawberry.
Since ice cream here in Sweden is really shitty, gelato was like heaven on Earth:

CIAO! Love this guy. Also, he has learned Swedish that well, that we only spoke Swedish this time. It is so cool to see another person learning a language, you see his improvement - before he could barely say "Hej!":

Talked about life and had another round of gelato.
Can you resist?:

A minute on your lips, lifetime on your hips...
...aaahh fuck it:

Kids are happy, because it is summer:

Peeps! Go on Erasmus, really, do it. You get friends for lifetime:

Few weeks ago I was at Bloc Party concert.
Big crush when I was 17, as I got basically a free ticket (Fred won Görna Lund card, my hero) I checked it out:

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