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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Private kind of happiness. (Long distant relationshit 3.0)

I actually have more pictures from my trip to Estonia, but I will pause it for now, since I have a story to tell. I came back to Sweden alone and Fred stayed in Estonia, he will be there at least four months. Or maybe even longer...nothing is sure right now except that we have once again entered the jackpot zone called "Long distant relationshit". NB! Do not recommend, sucks really hard. So after week and a half (wow how long) apart I bought Fred tickets to come here for five days. Despite being together is better, I'm so glad that we first think on ourselves and then we plan how it would suit with our partner. Independent woman with a great man! 

The story starts somewhere over the clouds between Estonia and Sweden:

We have moved to a new place and I'm working full time now = grown-up points 10. 
But sometimes fuck rules and routine:

When I was alone I just came home tired, went to sleep, then back to work and repeat.
With Fred we tried to be really active and used the quality time 110%.
Have you noticed that it is summer?:

Blueberry alert!:

We I live now close to sandy (rare thing in Sweden) beach,
so we checked it out with the sexy mister:

He went all in:

The water is warm, he said.
I did not believe him:

Heja sommarmys:

After a long and stressful day at work, 
there he was with warm food, kisses and cold cocktails.

Too short hair to be a Rapunzel,
but I wanted that man up in my room:

He waited me outside my work everyday when I finished,
he had fresh homemade smoothie with.
IMPOSSIBRU not to love him!

I know that you want to puke on this lovey-lovey post, but whatever.
He got me flowers and he's so cool:

Finally came the weekend and we could actually spend some time together,
the most romantic place to go = ghetto.

After we had bought plane-tickets to Italy (!!!),
we spent the whole day at the beach preparing our white asses for the trip:

I even took a dip,
since Fred took my life-vest with:

Then sun disappeared and thunderstorm took over,
so we thought the best idea is to go to sit at an open area to watch the lighting:

After realising it was a stupid idea, we took our booze and cheese to J's place:


The closest thing to threesome:

Why Saturdays are for?

Pull the whore,
by her toe:

Some fucks were given:

Testing the construction of J's new apartment:

"Honey, it is time to go home."

"I am a sinner who's probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me":

They see me rollin'
they hatin':

As he pushed me home he said: "Forever."
And I replied the same:

The mood today. He just left to the airport.
"I love you in the morning when you are hangover."

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