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Monday, September 20, 2010

First days in England

Well, this is it, I'm in England.
God save the Queen.

First I sat on an airplane that took me to Sweden (rather usual).
After that I tasted a slice of British Airways' cake.

This royal air gives me a special urge to drink tea after every 5 minutes.
Sip by sip:

Welcome to our High street and just a £99 pence store away:

The right is left and the left is right.

This is not an usual human being...:

...he's a student at...:

This is not a usual human being.
She's a student too at...

Well, I'm poor but few flower print items I can afford:
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I still feel like I have hitch hiked to Tartu and will return soon.
Reality is that this is not Tartu, bitch.
This is Gillingham:

Very Shakespeare-ish and theatre-like:

Grass isn't greener on the outside.
There's shit everywhere:

What else can you do after you have seen few apartments.
Yes, the correct answer is to walk aimlessly:


Home, sweet home for now.

Thank you all for the last night in Tallinn. My hands are still shaking.
Just a Hell Hunt away, darlings


vilja said...

Issand kui põnev! Saad sa ikka aru, et sa oled INGLISMAAL? Kas sa räägid juba briti aksendiga?
Oled käinud juba pubis fishandchipse söömas ja õlut joomas? Kui ei, siis tee seda!
Ja saada mulle postkaart Inglismaa lõhnaga...

Wilma Circus said...

ma jooon teed nagu hull!

regina said...

kalla, igatseennn!!
aga kohe parem tunne, kui sa siin lähedamal :)
varsti peabki vist väikse külastuse tegema ;)

Wilma Circus said...

GIRLFRIEND! Elu on ikka fucked up, kas pole mitte imelik.

Sina seal mina siin.

Mina sind sina mind