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Friday, December 10, 2010

a day in Maidstone

Yesterday I made my presence here official and managed to get a job interview (don't put your cards on it). The lady freaked out when she saw my ID card but then later said "Oy, it really has all the information I need". British people would have serious problems with e-kool, digiretsept and everything else that doesn't come with paper mail. Last but not least I had another chance to explain where Estonia is. Yet still, I don't understand how is that possible: UK and Estonia are situated on the same continent. Hopefully they won't end up like Americans: Europe is one country and they speak French there. Upgrade yourself constantly, pretty please.

Every great adventure starts with a museum. These buttons make my heart go boom-boom:

"I am fragile. Do not touch" If they only had the same sign 65 million years ago.

I wish I was six again and my only problem would be what dress to wear:

Remember the era when Jannsen and Koidula were singing in Estonia and Victoria ruled the Great Britain?:

19th century must-haves:

A Great booty showed high class:

This is the secret behind a great booty:

"Oh, what are you drinking" - "Chanel No.5, sweetie"
Time passes but Chanel No.5 stays:

Never have women been pleased with their natural beauty:

Found this Make-youself-a-teddy-store. 1. choose a teddy's body, 2.record a sound that it makes when pushed, 3.put a tube in it and stuff it up (stuffing is right behind me):

One whiff of a cocoa bean and your feet will never touch the ground:

McDreamy in action:

We went to listen Fred Clark who is one of the warmest and sincerest person I have ever met. Especially I like the fact that his full name is Frederick, which makes me want to speak Swedish: han var så söt! I miss Sweden! Anyhow he is also on music technology course like mister K:

Sorry about the poor picture quality, my damage is that I can't handle red and blue light all together :

There were other performers besides Mister Clark.
This bassist is the happiest kitten in the world and he loves being photographed:

The real life iTunes:

He's considering to make a stop with electronic music:

Our first CD in our UK's home:

The artist and the muse:

Everything was really good until I read the news today. An arctic storm Monika was having a disco in Estonia. That psycho woman! Seriously we don't have no snow left here. Keep on keeping on:



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Monikal on päevad ja meno-loto

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Build-a-Bear! Lapsepõlve unistus!