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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Tärtü was far behind and now was time to return. Silent and alone seemed the wrong way to go, so I invited former classmates and neighbour-girls over.

As you see the disco is unpleasing, because Spider Solitaire is full of satisfactory:

If you take a picture, I will show you how this hat works like a deadly frisbee:

Find a piece of South Park in the picture:

Fashion slaves see this fabulous shirt:

Spider solitaire ended with a win. Now let's carry on with snake:

Kamasutra Ikebana Origami:

Here you can see difference between a student and a high school graduate. One is polite and boring and other one is too wild to even function:

Cheetos, have it your way:

Have some more!:

VH1 and MTV is the ultimate WHAT DA SHIT!

She lost Snake, but still happy:

This is how you watch Michael Jackson's videos:

Temo and 2 x Triin:

I see hearts bloody everywhere:

Video killed the radio star:

Good night Europe!

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