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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shoes and spring for everybody

It might come as a surprise for you but I am a girl. Female, lady - whatever is in your dictionary. On Sunday I totally went out for a shopping tour and panin eite (sounds better in Estonian).

Me and my two inch wide balcony, potential party place:

From now on I look like a genuine jail bait. Taking into account my clothes and haircut, I look like six years old. Better younger, than older. Rrright?:

Just take off your shoes,
you have nothing left to lose:

Seems like I truly need to pee:

I am clearly amazed - this time display windows in Rochester did not include latest trends of Reebok:

Running to the store. Sundays are best days to shop, because stores are empty -people are at church or in a pub. It depends on which religion you follow:

Never have I been a practical girl. All my shoes are from charity/second hand shops. The only number that I monitor is the price not the size. As you can tell beauty beats comfort in my point of view. Therefore my mister insisted to buy me new shoes that would caress my feet:

Even if you can't see the difference, then know that these shoes are varying from picture above:

Uh-uh-huu I think five-inch-heels are not the comfort we are looking for:

In the UK heels are so high that women are walking their head in the clouds (and that's not the only reason):

An item that we found in the department of children:

Blossom, blossom, blossom - bloom bloom bloom:

Almost cranberries but not quite yet:

Flowers that I took home with me:

spring love, let's melt together!


Ian said...

uhke värk!

Wilma Circus said...

ega prosta pole

laura said...

Ha! Minu värvi küünelakk, sistah.

Wilma Circus said...


regina said...

lõpuks said endale mugavad kingad, jumal tänatud!
ja soeng on ikka kuradi hästi lõigatud!