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Monday, February 07, 2011

Marathon is over, the finish is near

The thing is - I have three days left before I take my wings and fly back to the UK. Hallellujah! Praise the Lord! Let's speak in tongues - brololololololooo!

to do list before I go:

1. make PETA happy and walk my dog:

2.explore my wardrobe that is left here and dream about outfits that I do not have:

3.know exact amount of days, hours, minutes and seconds that you have left until you arrive to Rochester (I like it here, but home I need!):

4. self-respect is whatever it takes to get all shit into 20kilos:

peace and love (a great deal)


Anonymous said...

The home needs you.

Anonymous said...

another anonymous thinks you should visit her in Sthlm.

you'll never guess who, hihi

Wilma Circus said...

hello strangers!

Ian said...

Tallinn, this is Tallin, the plane on platform 7 is the plane to London Stansted, callin at Lennart Meri and Stansted. London Victoria, the train on platform number 2 is the service to ... , calling at London Victoria, Bormley South, Fleet Street, ROCHESTER, nooone cares and again ROCHESTER! PÄEV!

Wilma Circus said...

Ian, you make my heart go boom-boom-boom