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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amsterdam in London

Regina is here and lovely. We met in London to spend our weekend there. Long story short:

A lovely way to spend your spring day:

We came down to the Museum of London. Gosh, we're intelligent. This is what we saw:

The most interesting display "Future London":

Pimp my ride, pretty please:

Tube is boring, let's travel with balloons:

Know your place:

Know your friends:

Drinking lemonade with a bonus:

My mister's friend Diamond Eye:

My friend R-Eggie:

Myspace angle on DLR:

Can't find my favourite chocolate bar...nooo...where is it. Noooo...can't use the force...OH, here it is: my Booster. The best of the best:

"Yo mama is so fat", yoyoyoyoy:

Indie party with hipsters:

The morning after:

DJ Hyper Wiper:

Breakfast and my favourite lamp:

The Cookie Monster:

I dig plants, I should become a botanist:

Women and kitchen go hand-in-hand. Let's turn cooking supplies into shoes:

My dear L is picking a new perfume:

I think I died and went to heaven:


My wardrobe:

Loving her is truly simple, because she's beautiful:

How do you like it? MORE MORE MORE:

She's so bright it burns my eyes:

Flower addiction:

Wedding dress:

I dig hairy colourful women:

Saturday night fewer:

The best record store/ place I have ever been to. Want this and that and that too:

Sam going loco:

Still the most beautiful vinyl is Jessie Ware and Sampha:

now we're back home and everything is so superb. I wish it never stops.

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uus font! uhke värk!