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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring and Superwomen

Few minutes ago I sent Regina to Birmingham. Now I am eating the sandwich she made and drinking soothing tea while my balcony door is open. Yes! The spring is in da house and it feels like my birthday is tomorrow. Not sad, no-no.

Found a saucepan. Used it as a helmet. Told Reggie to cut my hair accordingly:

Next step - the bold and the beautiful:

Knock. Knock. "Who's there?"...

...it's R E G I N A:

She didn't believe that Vaido Neigaus is a boy:

Proska. Proska. Proska:

Karl, if you see this, then know - my life is absolutely fabulous (5 VHS costs 1£):

I do need more bags and then I need more stuff. Then I need even more bags...endless loop:

But if stars, shouldn't shine by the very first time, then dear it's fine, so fine by me:

The evening entertainment. 5 VHS = 1£
A decade ago is not vintage and the '90s are not retro (Oh-so-wrong!):

+15 and Me. I think you'd wish you were in my shoes:

Estonia kiss-kiss.


Anonymous said...

ühe pildi peal täitsa magan juu, aga pole hullu armas postitus :)


Wilma Circus said...

Missing my miss too.