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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sininööp 2011 and tourist tour

I try to keep myself busy so I won't get homesick. Few days left and I am back in London!
Estonia. Australia? no Estonia. Australia? NOO ESTONIA! Skandinavia? No...yes. Please, buy an atlas:
The City Hall and a happy tourist from Tartu:
The city hall and a happy tourist from London:
You can't find Westminster Abbey in the background. Tallinn, my love:
I went to Secondary Science school for Sininööp:
They are not trying to jump, they are playing drums:
This is not La Primavera, this is hardcore:
White was SO that day:
Davaika Jamaika!:
Alice in Sininööp:
One lady from Scotland got lost in Sininööp:
One more time, Anna Saarso ja Liis Gross:
Lisa Mai Lindberg as the surprise guest:
L O V E (I do need these dresses):
Next stop: E and L's wonderland.
We are quick at changing our whereabouts:
Lock Ness Monster:
If the cup is as big as your head then you must be shocked:
Boom, boom, boom. I want you in my room :
Just because the bed is so pretty!:
Warning! Escaped from the zoo:
Hi, mom!:
Don't miss the nose kiss:
The left one does not get it:
This is my theatre gang bang:
The left one STILL does not get it:

Valentino S/S 2011:
Best group picture 2011:
The wallpaper behind me is so pretty, I can't believe it:
Oy, my head is up here:
Another animal escaped from the zoo:
Every party has its cookie monster in the corner:
Can we keep her?! PLEASE!
He is truly upset because they keep on changing the taste of coke:
Mushroom eyes:
Waiting for taxi to arrive:
Please do not try this at home.

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