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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back in Stockholm for few weeks

I came back to Stockholm on Wednesday night and it felt quite weird, since I do not have a home anymore. Basically I came to write an exam, which ends my studies here, nothing more. The first nights Ott was kind enough to give me a warm bed and proper Lappis experience. We went out to Red Bull Music Academy event, which included me drinking energy drinks. As I do not have a lot of addictions - I do not smoke, drink coffee nor does my tea include caffeine, then, long story short, I almost passed out like they do in Telenovelas. 
After regaining myself I did some babysitting and birthday shopping. Yes, I still love birthdays and mine is three days away. Bring it on! Also I am now at my grandfather's place. Sweet.

The pictures here might be boring, but I have put myself on hold. Good stuff coming up soon. Promise.

Ada at Kåken. Listen.
Proper lecture and interview before going live:

After we had long conversations about God, we understood with Ott that only non-sense we are ready to understand is art.
In galleries we trust!:

The weather here is two weeks ahead from Tallinn.
I came with winter clothes. FML:

Please, I need this as a birthday gift. Yes, when you are young you want toys, then you want clothes and then you start wishing for furniture. Growing up, oy!

6€ for vinyls to cassette recorder:  

A little girl, who likes me to be her mother and a dog the family rescued from Russia.
Perfect combo:

Creepy much?

I am more into LEGOs than children are:

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