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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Girls night out and Haigla party = Tegin Trammiga paar tiiru

I will tell you a story about one night that makes me giggle throughout next months. Yes, it is rather primitive which makes it even better.
On Friday I met up with Ian then my brother and then Ivan. Fast and furious catching up that gave me pleasant emotions, wide smile and distended tummy.
Last but not least I went to Triin's place with my Marks & Spencer wine and things started to happen. Just come along, I will show you.

Vanja, cocktail and sweet slice of cake - what more could a girl ask for: 

Rest of the post is hidden behind the magical "Click here to see more circus" button and there's a good reasons for it. The girl, who fell down from stairs while drunk has a reputation to keep up with.
Luckily I have Triin, who is just my glass of wine and has the same pace as I do:

"Roses are red,
Pickles are green
 I love your legs
and what's between":

Triin just came from an enlightenment trip, where she learned how to drink vodka with lemon, sugar and coffee powder. She was ready to spread the new religion:

Sõuan elu laineharjal:

"I can haz hai faiv":

Thinking about which curtains would fit there:

"Give a pound, lock it down, break a pickle - 
tickle tickle.":

 Bomfunk MC song "Freestyler" and say no more:

We did some math and found out that we are really bad at it, so we accentuated our sexuality instead. 
Thank God that we are at least pretty:

The dwarf on the shelf made a picture and caught us by surprise:

Counterweight for cooking shows, we should start doing our own programme, where we would teach different interesting ways how to drink vodka: 

"All the single ladies, all the single ladies...":

When life gives you lemons:

Girl talk that makes you walk on walls:

Then we took taxi to Telliskivi. Kersten and Rasmus came with us, but let's face the fucking fact, we were several massive steps ahead. If you know what I mean
Playgrounds make her horny:

Moments after we called Karl Laumets, Triin makes a perfect smise, because the room was full of smoke:

"Johaidii, sina ka siin"the most common sentence in Estonian language:

Having an occasional mõnna moments with the bass:


Thoughts about how we did not have to pay for the ticket makes Triin happy:

Balti Jaam romance. While the house of government shines bright, ordinary people enjoy some drinkies in the dark
"Aga kas sina tead, kes sul külas on käinud?":

We found two guys who were inadequately dressed, of course they were from Liverpool.
Also they were waiting for a train to Paldiski at 3am, not very bright, therefore we recommended them  to follow the passing girls, so they would end up at a party. We were really badass pimps, although I guess those girls were freaking out, since two guys were following them in the dark

Säästuralli ja hullud ööd.
We managed not to pay for a lot of things, since drinks were coming on their own. Mystery: 

Well, taking about mysteries...We woke up with Triin the next day our pockets full of toilet paper and memories empty of details. We asked each other what had happened? and turned to our camera, which told us about our adventures with a toilet seat and some rolls of toilet paper.
Generating good ideas since 1991:

We should send an apology note to Levikas and also a Thank You card,
 since how many times in your life you can be a toilet ninja?

I called my boyfriend to say I am all right, but only he heard was someone screaming in the background "Oh, you, you have a toilet seat around your neck"
Not a single sense was given that night:

To sum it all up. Especially the morning after. I took the bus home and people refused to sit next to me. In those moments you know, that you have lived your life right:

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