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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Volbriöö/Valborg. Charlie ja linnud Sinilinnus.

We did not waste any time and jumped immediately into Estonian nightlife. Luckily it was the night of Valborg and witches, so we could show Charlie the magic that is happening on Tallinn streets after sunset.
Warm-up began at Triin's place. The best place to start at:

There is no party without Savetskoje, although we had little problems with it and it did not want to pop.
Thankfully we had strong men with useful brains:

This face is contagious...:

...as everyone had the same emotions on.
(I am like "Cool smile, Bitch, but give me the glass"):

There is no hangout without google hangout.
Tallinn - Stockholm - Paris - London:

Swag on with my boys.
Shizzle for mah nizzle:

Triin tried to remain polite at the beginning, but could not hold it back any longer.
Of course Charlie has not heard the unicorn joke before, it struck him by surprise:

The official Cat-Lady with her Simba.
Please, dear audience, click on this picture as much as you can, since if you google Trammi, then the first picture that pops up is her picking her nose. Let's change that!:

I'm like "Two drinks more, then we will go!"
She is like "Do you want to hear this cool anal bleeding story."
He is like "Dafuq did I just hear":

Hennu is trying hard to show his emotions.
This is him being happy:

Some are Sunday runners, but we are in Olympic fit.
A good athlete stretches before she go-goes:

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Awkward threesome:


Charlie is finding the city to be enormous:

Sinilind, õnts õnts õnts:

9 fingers, as it should be. I lost one on the way:


I was dancing and then this creep jumped out from the dark corner:

Charlie's eyes are obsessed. I am a bit scared to look at this picture:

Kaur felt like 14 that night and he approves this message:

Soon it will say "Bachelor degree in Art School Disco":

We are riding on a trolley-bus and holding on as hard as we can:

Crabbing her tit and am curious "Will she notice?":

Show them how you ride it!:

"God, this is the first time I have talked with you, but keep those drinks cold, I am coming soon!":

Then we left the Sinilind and went to Lavakas.
We found this cute girl wandering around:

As it was Valborg, we dance in the circle and sang "Nõiaelu, nõiaelu, see, jah!, on kõige parem. Ah!, kui hea on olla nõ-õid.":

If there would not be this picture, I would not remember nor believe it happened.

I love Karl and it shows:

Finally 4am or 5am at home. 
Eating and drinking Upsarin Upsa to keep the hangover fairy away:

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