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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tour d'ÖÖ and 'Bye bye Charlie'

I have been running around, even lived without internet for a while. 
But now I definitely have to sum up previous week and Charlie's visit, since he has been back in Sweden for a week now. 
After we sent Charlie off to the airport, we took our cycles and joined Tour d'ÖÖ, which is basically cruising by cycle through Tallinn with few thousand fellow cyclists. MIND BLOWN, no really, that was bloody fabulous!

Bitches love to show off their ride. 
She is called Loviis. Yes, she is pink and she is from Sweden. Deal with it.:

Picture taken by Eero Vabamägi and stolen from here

I did not know that we had to make a sad face. Now it looks like I am oh-so-glad that Charlie was leaving. I would have killed for Charlie being able to attend Tour d'ÖÖ. Great impressions would have been made:

This is what Charlie left behind. A tasty wine for mom. Black label whisky for the Mister and of course 'Women's Balance' tea for me. Hurray for female hormones *cries a little*!

Thanks to Sam, my bicycle got its vitality back:

Great place to meet friends after some months abroad:

Dog came out for a walk:

"So fucking amazed over the stickers they gave us"
Picture made by Liina Lelov and stole from here :

Best summer-day in Estonia:

Balti jaam - Põhja pst - Telliskivi - Tööstuse - Stromka - Sõle - Heina - Telliskivi:

I was making great efforts just to keep on moving, since I am awkward fitness penguin.
Then Triin just glide by:

The way back home. Romantic sunset.
"No time for kissing, must take a picture.":

Tsauka Pauka Tallinn:

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