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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Took my unicorn and suitcase with me on a trip to Tallinn

My Stockholm time has come to an end. 
Although I have to go back for a short time, in my mind our relationship is over. It was all made in mutual understanding and without any tears. 
Since I am terrified of sea and ships in general, but got myself free Tallink tickets, then for the sake of not jumping off from a deck and going looney I took my neighbour Charlie with me.
Thanks to his selfless hard work (read: must-do-anything-to-cheer-Wilma), I managed to go through with it all and we arrived to Tallinn:

In this moment, our ship had just started moving and as a result, all my muscles went uptight, I have no idea how I managed to take this picture:

Baltic Sea cruises are synonyms for the word 'primitive', hence we had keep up with the game:

Charlie gave me some wine, beer, cider, more wine and vodka. Only after that he got a smile out of me, because I forgot the fact that we might be sinking any minute. YOLO!:

He is warming up for Tallinn and seems to like it already:

Me and Charlie were the youngest on board, since all our fellow mates usually take the airplane (as it should be!)
Taking into consideration how much old-people-sex was going on there, he was doing the mating-dance to catch females: 

Luckily our troubles got rewarded.
At home a proper breakfast was waiting:

It's tourist time!
Starting off with showing the McDonald's:

We are giving thumbs up for democracy and would like to greet North-Korea:

The best greyness there ever is:

 After sightseeing we had a quiet evening at home with cold beer and delicious grilled meat.
The next day Charlie wanted to see the Patarei prison and was super pissed because it was closed:

The weather was super shitty, although Charlie felt quite cosy since it reminded him Scotland.
Anyways we found shelter at Flight harbour and boys were rather enjoying it:

My greatest nightmare is to wake up in a submarine and now we went volunteerly into one.
Life keeps on surprising me:

I imagined that I was on a spaceship:

I had to clarify to Charlie why is there a lot of Russian going on around us
Ja ne panimaju:

This is how he would look like with massive chest muscles:

They would like to say hello to their mothers:

Seamen semen:

Duck-face alert:

I was flipping up and down without getting almost any points and then came the boys, who elegantly glided through it all: 

To Heidy with love:

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