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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wilma Circus appreciates good fun. Especially on her birthday.

Yesterday was my twenty second birthday. Since I crew up with my great-grandmother, I take ageing rather seriously and I do it with pride. I am actually just celebrating my way getting on 'Prillitoos' birthday list. Well, THAT is a great honour, but until then birthday is just a great time spent with close friends and giving my mother a high-five that she manage to give birth to me on backseat of a Ziguli. Although I live in Stockholm now and my dearest are scattered around Tallinn, London, Helsinki and Amsterdam, then I was not able to have a big company on my birthday. Luckily I have Ott here, the hero, who got us out from a boring lecture, which meant that we had more time at amusement park Gröna Lund.
At the age of twelve or so, my grandfather understood that I cannot be entertained with Pipi theme parks anymore. Then he introduced me to this wonderful place and thereon Grönan has always been at top of my list.

Life is a wild ride. Keep on keeping on:
Living at my grandfather's place is a bliss, because on my birthday morning a piece of Prinsessan tårta and my favourite primulas (that my grandfather picked himself) were waiting for me:

Trying to be nice and all on my birthday, but since I am trying to get rid of my bangs, I am dealing with a messy situation. #girlproblems:

I wasn't that excited about the weather that day:

Then I had a totally boring lecture, luckily Ott stood up and went to the teacher and said "It's her birthday, I made restaurant reservations." Off we went:

Straight to Gröna Lund and first things first.
Ott and his addictions:

The best place to work at, just for the sake of writing on your CV 
"work experience - being a gorilla":

I never had such a good fellow been with me, who enjoys adrenalin as much as I do:

I can now even hide my excitement and look decent. 
Being a grown-up woman is so amazing!

Fuelling up:

Rule number one 
Do not stand under attractions, you may get hit by accidental vomit:

After me and Kaur have welcomed a baby into this world, then we'll take the day off with Erik and Laura. Our babies will ride this attraction the whole day, while mommies and daddies are having some fun:

"Please, please. Let's get these tickets!":

Do not worry, we have supplies for a case of an emergency: 

All the jewellery removed. Hopefully shoes won't fell off. 
Time for fun!

Ott is just cruising around:

The new attraction Eclipse. Our jury would say "BLOODY AMAZING. 12 points":

Lustiga huset 
Käisime Ottiga lõbumajas. Pure joy.

How I would look at the age of 92 (actually that tube was spinning):

My favourite Frill Fall, absolutely free fall. The best 5 seconds of your life. 
I should look up my pictures when I was 12. Fritt fall and I have already had a 10 year old relationship.

The most enjoyable experience was that we saw the sunset about twenty two times.
The life up there is so much more fabulous:

The last ride, before we go-go:

"I am the queen of the wooooorld!"

 Yes, we can!

My hair gives the hint of movement.
(The best sightseeing place in Stockholm):

I have the same picture in my passport:

Bye. Bye. The day full of joy.
Bollocks, I have to wait now one year.

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