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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Midsummer's Eve. Vana hea Jaan.

This year we had a quite radical plan for Midsummer's Eve, which meant escaping Tallinn and getting near the nature. Simples. Last year we couldn't celebrate the most important holiday and peak time in Estonian alcohol sales, because we were stuck in Rochester. Then the most greenest area around was the pot of basil on our kitchen table. Living far away from home suits me well - I do not have to be in Estonia for Christmas and I don't get any emotions on Independence day, but I need to be near friends and wilderness when it's Midsummer's. Yes, peeing in the woods is THAT much fun.
Especially when living in the north can be a heartless bitch, you know all the polarbears and -30 degrees, then the endless light in the summer is a bliss. Sleeping with the sun and dancing with the sun.

Kreisi Komando 
(I almost even considered photoshopping Kaur off, but despite his lack of theatre skills, he is very important to me and does not play Sudoku. He fits, I say) :

Well, I thought my filmroll was already full, but I accidentally managed to take this photo.
Thank God that Ingu 'Ei teadnud, et pilti tehti':

This is what happens when local shop in Kuusalu has a campaign price for Gin Tonic. The sandy beach turns into cruise ship heading to Helsinki:

Hello. This is my best friend.
 He is a changed man, since he now has a smartphone (R.I.P. Nokia tune) and he also is working out. 
Mister Stick is turning into Mister Hunky:

"Džešuš, take me now, I do not want to live on this planet anymore":

Now you can say goodbye to your
'Toight as a toiger' cream and throw away those expensive spa tickets.
Everything that you need for smashing beauty is just around the corner:

'Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen
Give him two lips like roses and clover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over':

Oh, disgrace. Oh, the embarrassment.
We have talked about this before and it is even written in the constitution of Estonia.
 Never, and I mean never, one must not spill alcohol, because alcohol does not grow on trees!:

We had this quiet night with Kiki and the others, when a bunch of drunk local people came around. They were talking about a man, who was also drunk (surprise, surprise), but despite his intoxication took his boat and went to the sea to catch fish. Without oars, of course. And to make it even more stupid the fog was so thick that first I thought my vision was getting really blurry because of not wearing my glasses, but it turned out the Mother Nature had been a bitch that night.
People were screaming on the beach: 
even longer pause
"Aaaaaaare youuuuuu ooooooooo-oooookay?"
a bloody long pause

The story ended with the man returning and giving us three alive flatfish. We were all little thrown back by it, but Sass took the lead and chopped them clean. Their nerves kept on moving even on the fireplace. GROSS!

True friends are the last ones standing...

...and the first ones dying in the morning. Always together!:
The trip had to be beyond awesome, because I still have truly strong positive emotions towards it, despite arriving home with 38,6 fewer. Let's say I was puking of joy (karma bites you in the ass, even when you aren't drinking)

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