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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Toomnunnad and summer situations.

I have so many stories to tell you, some of them are rather important. Little hint: I just arrived back from London, which means three film-rolls full of excitement. My laziness has got me so far that I am only in June with my blog. Totally a first world problem "My blog isn't up to date, booohoo!".

Now straight to business.

One evening in June my Toomnunnad and I got together. A casual drinky behind Solaris and pregnancy rumours, like we always roll.

Nights are so bright that they burn our eyes:

Our main sponsors are crisp and alcohol factories:

That night we were cycling around and didn't have any money to spend, but that did not stop us taking picture of Triin and Viktor. I just now understood that together they are T.V.:

The day before Midsummer's Eve we went to Ott's place. Not like Ott is cool or anything, but his dog is awesome. 
Berrymore. Barrymore. Perrimoor. (I haven't seen his ID, so I do not know how to write his name):

Also has this ping-pong table that makes you Chinese:

Grilling fish on the fireplace and jumping in the cold stream. 
Prosta glamour - the best:

"Is it a horse?...NO!...It's a dog!"

Never ending vodka shots make the night go round (the shots are in a trowel, which has a bicycle bell on it. GENIUS!):

The youtube generation:

Hangovers are meant to be celebrated with walks by the beach.
Rather nice friend picture:
Life's good!

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