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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Nummi one step closer to heaven

This year my good old friend Nummi thought that "It's a wrap, everybody!". Studying theology and questions like "So, are you religious?" might get rather annoying, so bye-bye Tartu. 

Nummi and I have come a long way since I was twelve or something. She was my classmate's older relative (yes, very Estonia). Words 'cool' and 'awesome' were in order - not like she isn't that anymore, but I would now use different words. She was a lot of fun too, I instantly remember the time when we pretended to be pregnant on public transport just to get a seat. Or the awkward date with two guys on an ice-rink. 
Well, cheers for the youth!

Mari-Liis made a timetravel from the '70s that day:

In Estonian everybody knows everybody somehow. 
Look at this weird connection:

"I have a bachelors degree and it's only MINE!"

Of course a proper ceremonial event needs immediate cigarette break (few minutes later we were stuck with one of the heaviest rains I have ever witnessed

Tartu with its wooden houses, which have a bigger balcony than the apartment itself.

"Bible and I have come a long way":

Mari-Liis makes you and takes you high since 2003 (or 2004):

Vertigo friends' annual get-together:


The morning after. 
Kaur got a lot of romantic inspiration from that place and writes a facebook status about it:


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