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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kuru Pre-Plirr at Kultuurikatla Aed

Our friends are throwing this festival called Kuru Plirr, actually at first it was Kuru Krill, but because of too much drama it changed. Yes, the alternative music scene in Estonia is like TeleNovela - tears, brothers turning out to be mothers, basically all that shit. Anyways the festival is rather relaxing, you can see it yourself by checking some flashbacks of the first and the second Krill Plirr. 

Since good stuff tends to pass by rather quickly, then few weeks ago Kuru was extended by Pre-Plirr. Trying not to brag here, but my Mister (Espirit) properly heated up the place, hence I had an urge to have a bagful of panties, so I could just throw them at him. 

 J.E.M.M. is jamming:

Since I do not have a smartphone, I cannot make an Instagram account, which is rather important,
because it is really difficult to stalk my friends without it.
Luckily Mihkel made me an account and that night we posted my second ever insta picture. 
Oh, all the filters and all the likes!:

"Well, I really don't want to kiss you" and the other one is thinking about her dog:

Times were much easier, when he did just DJ sets,
but now we need a truck to deliver all the magic-music-gadgets at the party:

Too concentrated, cannot see kissing children:

Ott has a new phone:

Melissa is showing the direction. It could go either way:

The girl wants to have Kaur's babies:

One random hispter from Dalston was lost in space:

"One wet booty coming up!":

In the end we're all happy (even when Hagi does not show up):

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