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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picnic at Hampstead Heat with a Dj, a stripper and a blogger + tourist mom

I would rather split this post into three, but new film-rolls are waiting and we got no time to waste. Chokeberries are almost ripe, which means the autumn is here. Winter! Panic! Džiižaš! 

On Sunday we went to Hampstead Heat with Ella and Missy to sunbathe 
and talk about serious life matters like anal sex. 
Whatever floats our boats. And let me just say our boats were rocking quite amusingly.

Clapham Junction.
The whole Estonia has as much rail as seen on this picture. 

Ella actually knows how the camera works, not like me who has no clue what those numbers and symbols on my camera-screen are. Therefore I'll direct you once again to her blog

My Mister is using his Jedi Force in order not to look at Missy's bum. 
Her pretty bum has even its own webpage:

I just peed in the nettles, drenched in joy:

"Don't touch my levels" and meow:

Swedish sider - where it should be.
 (paneb rinna rõkkama):

When we are together it's like Wild West. Shooting everywhere:

The one thing I miss the most in London is nature. 
But became almost satisfied that day:

The next day we just went loco with shopping. 
I should make now 'Outfits of the day' pictures like Estonian bloggers do. It just amazes me how proud they are over their Primark shit. Yes, it's cheap. No fuzz.  

We took mom to Monki and Cheap Monday 
(she thought the last one is a store, which has a sale and low-prices on Mondays. 
And it was Monday then):

Phonica Records we trust. 
When other couples write on wedding invitations 
"Gift should fit in an envelope" then ours would say "Gift should fit in a vinyl sleeve." :

The tummy must be full of jummy, otherwise the city fucks you sideways:


He came. I stayed. Although everything else is the same:

Only thinking about Bubbles in Ab Fab

Tired of shopping, let's go home:

Modern Tate:

Suits and Ties - they are everywhere:

One occasion I forgot my camera home and only pictures we have are digital. 
Here you are, I present to you in silence Hampton Court:

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