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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trammi 16 + n birthday.

My last posts have been dedicated to special people and I am not going to stop here, because I am blessed with shiny friends. 
In the dictionary you can find next to Trammi especially great or important, or having a quality that most similar things or people do not have. 
True story.

Reesi (another wow-wow-wii-wow girl) and Triin had a joint birthday party in the end of August. Sadly those were my first days at work - lebo mode turned into crazy mode, which meant that I went home at ungodly hour. Nevertheless the birthday went on and maybe to this minute drunk people are sleeping in Tops.
Due to this vague picture you just have to trust me that Triin and Reesi are standing here.
They are happy, since they just opened their present - tantric massage tickets. 

Something to put on my wall, to remind me the days when we did not stumble on our saggy tits.
"2013 Wilma and Trammi":

The Golden Sisters:

Casually sitting on the street and blocking the way.
Suddenly a wild beer appears and a boy on the left is beyond ecstatic:

Because I know she likes it:

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