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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My mellow side.

Today starts autumn and it's the first day I put the heater on. Otherwise I am totally in my every day routine, which is not bad at all. It's exciting to be a big girl. Oh, Õnne 13 new episodes are on. BLISS! 
The only sad moment was when I started to invite my friends to a FB event and I could only click on two faces, since "Abroad", "Away", "Oh, she is not here". A trip around the world would be in order. 

Meanwhile I present you my mellow side. 
Please meet dog called Tibi (Chick in Estonian). My dad brought her home on a motorbike without telling me what was under his jacket. Since I was 12 it was the happiest day of my life. To this moment she is the most intelligent creature I know - she once even help me with my math homework:

Sipsik came into our family few weeks after Tibi did.
 Every time you call her name, she will answer with a short "Meow", also she likes to walk on two paws and she sleeps with you the whole night through:

We had a little family reunion few weeks ago. Four children running around - coco loco sugar loops:

 Like his sisters, he will start to speak Estonian, Russian and Ukrainian fluently by the age of three.
(I have wasted my life away)

Well, we have pets and family covered, now it's time for romance.

We have been together since I was 18, however our understanding of quality time includes endless walks in the forest and mushrooms.


verb /ˈmʌʃ.ruːm/ /-rʊm/
to increase very quickly:

I still remember while I went picking mushrooms in Sweden (they have shitloads of them), made the best sauce afterwards. The whole student housing came knocking on my door telling that they have heard I did something crazy and ACTUALLY picked something edible from the woods.
Mainly because forest is luxurious in other sides of Europe and apparently it is not allowed to pick anything in Germany, since the fox pee is lethal. 

Dragons had a lot of kinky sex this summer, so they laid their eggs everywhere.

Puss och Kram

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