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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Lowi Vi at Ateljee 13

There's no centre if I spin away and just like that I took a brake from blogging. Now I have to face the consequences - a lot has happened. I have a job. I have my last year at uni, but fuck unimportant stuff and let's go back one month, when a fashion brand Lowi Vi held a little "Hello, world. We are here" party at Ateljee 13. 

LowiVi.com (click-click)

This woman is like a stop sign, you just cannot walk by without noticing her. 
"Wish you could be my homework, so I could slam you on the table and do you all night":

I have never been backstage at a fashion event,
 but I guess the toilette rolls are there for taking the beauty off/down. 
Even the prettiest have to rest:

 I'm still not friends with my camera, it is mainly because I am afraid to use the flash, as then people try to kill me for making them blind:

We blocked the car road with tall beautiful women:

My dear girlfriend Triin.
 I haven't seen her in ages and that makes me grumpy:

Those two very special boys like their music bouncy and their vodka Ukrainian 
(love the shades in the mirror)

Look at me, not so Snow White anymore. 
One day Mr.Tan was jumping around in my garden, I chased after him and managed to catch him;

Those eyes are shooting lasers:

Lowi Vi biggest fans and supporters:

 I guess he is thinking naughty stuff 
(oleme koos nagu stepsel ja pistik,
meist läbi käib särts)

 The night took us to Levikas, but some heels needed fixing with a duck-tape.
Always classy, never trashy!:

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