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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tour d'ÖÖ Tartu + Meowlin's mamma and pappa

Since Meowlin was visiting Estonia unknown time-period, then we had to hurry to get the taste of summer in two weeks time (later it became three weeks or even more, but hey, who's counting). We calculated and became sure that we clearly have to attend the cherry on the cake - Tour d'ÖÖ. 
In Tartu, that is. Yes, very brave. The usual "let's drink until the first bus to Tallinn leaves" got a little twist, considering that we stayed at Meowlin's grandparent for three whole days (!).
Somehow the birthday party of Müürileht was held the same night, along with Espirit as one of the artists playing there. Pöööörfect. I really love when plan comes together.

The famous "know your home country" train, that stops at every bush and hill. 
Still managed to stay positive:

The next day we went to the thrift stores and Meowlin got multiorgasms 
thanks to those cheap Prada, Jil Sander and Mulberry.
(waiting for Mari-Liis to join us):

The sweetest grandparents. 
Never have I ever had to fight for the right to say No! to food. It was hard, but there are limits to human powers. On the other hand I could not say No! while grandpa was offering us Kännu Kukk. 
Oh, it still burns inside:

All the honey's who makin' money
Throw your hands up at me

(Picture by Heikki Leis)

(Picture by Heikki Leis)

(picture by Rando Kall)
Such a powerful event:

After it all Meowlin should have gotten a medal, since she passed the route with downhill bike. A pain in the ass, literally I guess. In the end Meowlin was screaming "I've had enough, fuck it" and cycled down the stairs. It was like a straight wall, coco loco mofo. She survived it all.
(Then we took some drinkies of course):

Quite nice park squad:

We decided to make one more and TiLo is not pleased:

Highly equipped night riders.

Vodka, little juice to get it down and chocolate to keep you going:

The singer thought I was next one in line to preform, I presume:

Oh and then the bang of the night happened. 
Meowlin had her liquid dinner and decided to attend Tour d'ÖÖ goldsprint.

She did it of course with high heels and without any winning expectations. 

She came second among females. WTF?! Amazing!
(her grandparents did not believe it, because it did not say anything about it in the newspaper)

I did make more picture with low shutter speed and they did not come out, which is sad since Espirit performed really well. Even played "Private kind of happiness", wowza.

Instead I'll show you how he carried my bicycle on the train back home. 
My hero!:

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