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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Samuel and his support group.

In the end of August we spontaneously invited friends over to celebrate our new bookcase, by that reason we wanted to call the party 'Narnia'. Everything changed when our friends in Liverpool gave us the notice "IT'S TIME!", not just time for liquid lunch, but to welcome a baby to this world. 
*insert emotional words here and multiply them with 100*
Little Samuel's support group was hopeful and cheerful:

Misters were spending time like in Ancient Greece:

Pedro likes to smell beautiful woman.
Awkwardly inappropriate: 

My last Circus cups from Sweden. 
I wash them. I love them. They are all I have:

Meowlin works as a printmaker in Paris, 
therefore she is checking out the quality of our bed print

From this point on girls just wanted to have fun 
and once again I would like to thank the massive sound system in our bedroom. 
Best for Spice Girls:

Gingers avoid the heartless bitch - gravity:

"Mi amor, te quiero"
The sexual tension was high:

A lot of giving birth and baby stories later, we ended in front of the TV. We saw night-chat program with a host called Carmen. People called in and asked "So, do you have a cock in your pants". Primitive yet amusing (Story of my life):
We woke up with a message that a star is born. 
It all made me teary, and I am so so so so so happy for Erik and Laura - first ones to make through digivolution. Mind-blown.

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