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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Šarik's one year anniversary in Tallinn

25th of August 2018 doggo Šarik moved from Valga shelter to big city Tallinn. I usually try to tone the dog pictures down, but today I can post million of them with no regrets.

Here is the story of Šarik and his adoption listing is still up here:

25th of August 2018 two strangers put Šarik in their car and drove to Latvia.
He was dirty and scared:

Our first family picture together in 2018:

Copy paste in 2019:

We have become quite good friends,
although sometimes I want to cuddle more than he does:

He became professional office dog and does it with quality.
Just recently he was allowed to enter Fred's office as well, so 2019 is going be to cray-cray:

At first he understood Russian, now he has learned Estonian as well:

We are not his mom and dad,
we are Šarik's humans who make him feel embarrassed:

He might be old and he might have non-existent feet,
but he can hike 10 kilometres with an ease:

Perfect manners and perfect recall,
(with no squirrels or cars around):

He is an apartment dog and when you leave him outside
he will be very DISAPPOINTED:

At first he was not allowed to enter living room nor bedroom,
but now he has wiggled his way into bed:

That dog bloody loves fetch:


Life with him has been a lot easier than we had thought:

Yes, he has a very looooong body:

We celebrate his birthday on the 1st of January:

He hates water and nail cutting:

His bowel movement is on point!
During one year he has had diarrhoea only twice, but otherwise the poop evacuates 11AM sharp:

He gives me a reason to be more outdoors:

He hates dogs who have bigger balls than he does:

Šarik likes Fred more, because he tastes better:

This is bromance:

Šarik sneezes when he gets excited:

He dislikes dog food and prefers boiled potato, raw carrot and meat of any sort: 

Life with him is not only rainbows and butterflies,
it includes waking up early, always searching for a dog sitter and 
living with his hateful looks after I have brushed his teeth:

Also, last week he killed a squirrel and I cannot ever forgive him:

But then again it is hard to be mad at him:

The original Nublu:

If that butthole could talk than it would be master of Fartish:

Who said you cannot learn old dog new tricks?:

Yes, offering him home has been right decision that we have never regretted,
so today we eat cake:

Congratulations for surviving Tallinn for one whole year:

Today was a little special:

Today we spent the day doing his favourite activities:

Šarik is awesome and fits to our family perfectly.
Also, he is the cheapest version of therapy:

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