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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Soontaga RMK

Our week of road tripping ended at Soontaga RMK house, where 10+1 of our friends joined us as well. We have now tested the RMK rental system out four times and I'm desperately waiting this blog be sponsored by RMK. *I accept payments in mushrooms*

1. Sunset house = 7/10. The house looks very cute and is situated at the Meenikunno bog. No sauna, no electricity, nothing posh. The upper floor is not isolated with a door, so embrace the warmth and crazy party people. Also, many random people were lurking around the house, so a bit more privacy was needed.

2. Kooraste house = 9/10. Best so far. The location was a winner for me, since it was very remote and blissful. On a downside the upper floor was, yet again, not isolated and the outdoor fireplace did not have a roof (problems whilst raining). Also, there was no sauna. Despite it all, I would recommend that place the highest. 

3. Kõverajärve house = 8,5/10. This time we were late with the booking and got a bit more expensive house (95 € for one night). To our surprise the house had electricity and fridge! For me it was a downside, but it was actually pretty nice to eat sour cream that did not want to explode. The lake was to die for and cleaner than at Kooraste. The upper floor was isolated, there was sauna and...wait for it... a water closet! However, neighbours were really close by  that's why it gets a lower score.

4. Soontaga house = 8,5/10. The house is literally built on the lake, but don't let the RMK pictures fool you, since water plants are really overgrown, which means that you cannot jump straight to the lake from the terrace. Like whatever, the house is still amazing – isolated upper floor, warm sauna and killer surrounding. Better weather, less bats and sheltered campfire would have put it next to Kooraste on the pedestal.

We were the first ones to arrive and started to dance the rain away 
(spoiler alert = it worked):

I would have preferred bikinis and flip flops,

The kitchen area and sexy chef:

Michelin-star restaurant:

Then friends started to arrive from Tallinn!
5 minutes in it looked like Viive 46 has lasted one week straight:

Those couples have had sex only with their partners (hopefully) at least 9 years in a row.
Tehke järgi või makske kinni!:

Alcohol goes in, happiness comes out:

When you have 99 problems, but campfire ain't one:

The summer menu with liquid dinner is served:

Baseball with a chopping board is always a good idea:

That moment when you cry inside because you left your drugs fishing rod at home:

They proposed and they accepted.
The bromance is official:


He caught a mermaid from the lake:

PEPCO influencers with matching hats
#ad #sponsored #partership #fashion #bargain:

That moment when you feel like you should go away, 
because you feel like you do not belong to this personal moment:

I realised that Christmas is just four months away:

If sea would be vodka and he would be a duck
he would jump in and drink his way up:

That cup he made himself and he could not be any prouder:

We are outdoorsy as we like getting drunk by campfires:

Summer downloaded 99%:

Next day was spent at Haukka laaut
aka cheap shit with ridiculous price:

We tried to form a gang once and it turned into a book club:

Noah's arc:

UNO card play is awesome for the players:

And stinky for the spectators:

During the night we experienced bat attack and sleep hours were cut short.
Power nap was a must:


Agro-cooking at its finest:

I'm fashionable even in the forest:

Picked some mushrooms and kissed some boys:

When others are asleep and you discover long exposure:

No need for drugs, we create our own trips:

Norman's new single cover:

A girl, TV and a star:

This, my friends is not a rabbit, this is a penis:

5AM at Soontaga:

We do recommend RMK rental cottages!
However, we are slowly running out of new ones to visit. Where to next?

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