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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mix it with reality

If you came here to see fabulous fashion pictures then this is not the right place. If you came here to see how love makes the world go round then BINGO!

Lovely way to spend your Saturday evening. Pure art and theatre:

You see. You hear. You learn. You spread:

More than two hands can make your life so much easier:

Because I have something worth living for:

This is no storm, this is hurricane:

Quick shower. Quick shower. Shall I have soap? No, no soap.
Tip of the day - tie up your bathroom and kitchen. It makes showering and cooking more fun:

Not really sure what they are doing:

We took a fling to try how Cabaret feels like:

Scream if you wanna go faster:

Maybelline - Maybe he's born with it:

Coca, Fanta, Sprite. Fanta, Sprite njetu:

Shamptu - Full of hair:

Almost Chanel, but not quite yet:

Learning to fly:

Every breath is a victory:

Japanese tourists and karaoke:

Sing like nobody's watching:

Would you catch me if I fall?:

Aga kasss sssaaa tead kessss sssssul külassss on käinud?:

Laugh with friends and live your life like it's golden. :


regina said...

tahaks kaa suga funnida!!

Wilma Circus said...

mulgi oli tunne, et üks pits (kaks, kolm jne) jäi puudu. Reggie pits.