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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coco choco sugar loops - The Wig Gig

On Friday we were at home to make a decent Estonian feast, which consisted of potato salad and spinach rolls. Yes, we went big, because we had something mind-blowing to celebrate, but I do not want to rush the news for now. 
Also in the end of the day we went little crazy with Laura's wig. You cannot even believe how much excitement it brought, the picture below is a little spoiler alert:

"Hey, Sugar Loops" - "Hey Coco Choco":

Almost genuine sausage, but not quite yet.
Polish food we trust (almost), because without it the potato salad would have suffered:

There is a picture of a little fruit, which is right now a size of a peach.
Let me just say that a particular family is digivolving onto next level:

Proper Eastern European style roller pin:

Girlfriend of another mister and a boyfriend of another sister:

Me and Mikk tried to kiss each-other, Tanel was just chilling in between:

"Hands up, those who love Dšešus!"

I have blocked out everything before 2000, though occasionally memories come back and I have some flashbacks:

Probably breastfeeding, it is really IN right now:

The emotions we get, while watching cat videos:

The Little Witch is flying on her broom:

Three years living in England and studying music - eventually this is what happens:

Ovaries before brovaries:

Maybe he's born with it. 
Natural as Anu Saagim's boobwork:

Elämä on laiffii!:

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