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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Delphic at Liverpool O2 Academy

At Christmas our really close friends E and L announced that some tickets are waiting us with our names on it. Also, this became the main impulse, why I booked my trip to Liverpool. Sometimes you need that little kick in the ass to start moving onwards. Oh, how I needed that kick. By the way, I had not been outside of Sweden since August, basically since I moved here. In Circus travel years it is like a century.

After we arrived in Liverpool, we hugged and straight away we started warming up for Delphic, which has iconic value among our group. 

Keep your friends close, in case of horny audience, who will rub against every body part you have:

First things first. The place, where we stayed after sitting for 6 hours on a bus. It felt so bright and lovely that I could swore I had died and gone to heaven:

If we would have been at a cinema queue in Estonia, we would have ordered Sõbra Combo for all:

When I moved to England in 2010, we all had the plan to go listen Delphic at London Warehouse Project. It somehow did not work out. We had the tickets and all, but only me, my Mister and Ella went instead, therefore this is something we had been waiting for a long time to happen:

Family portrait with a Furry Focker:

It is a scary world out there, thank God that the female part seems unintimidated by the fact:

operation K.E.L.K.:

Yo, nigga, hav ya seen ma lamp:

The joy of alcohol. And respect for those who can still smile without consuming it:

They have the legit drum kit, with their name on it, must. be. real. shit. :

Better having cheeks together, than rubbing your face against a computer screen.
# Long distant relationshit problems:

The amazing Four. My Mister is a little bit sleepy tho:


He got rubbed against and lost his concert double-Einar virginity:

He is so happy that we did not have protective ear-gear, therefore we could not hear anything afterwards. He in the other hand looked like a robot and was happy about it:

At the gym, 10 kilo bench press:

After we had an opportunity to let Delphic know what we thought about them. Youtube booth for the win:

Expected big crowds, but got a intimate taste of Delphic. Yummie:

The artist from Balti station:

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