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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The family with two cats

Last day in Liverpool comes now and then we can put aside the town for a little while (but not for too long)

"Mama, noooo! Come bak, plz do not leef me!":

Grown ups left the building to explore little bit of town once again.
A religious giant:

He lost his eyes after peeking:

When London has an eye, we must have an eye:

Grandfather, this is only for you:


My worst nightmare is to wake on one of those:

Liverbirds at quater after two:

Dome (I am really creative today with the picture headers):

Pedobear's office:

To the left, to the left:

Erik works at M&S and after working hours, he takes home bunch of flowers that are usually just thrown away. 
His girlfriend is the luckiest female on this planet! Also his cats are blessed, because they also get vase full of flowers next to their kitty food:

Paprica died and is going to heaven:

Sometimes I still dream about this meal, because it was delicious and cheap in the same time. Not something you could have in Stockholm:


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