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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Liverpool and Chester

I have two post more to come about Liverpool and London, before I can go on with my Stockholm life. Since I am actually back in this cold, snowy, yet clean place.
Here I will sum up my day in Chester and you will also see little bit of Liverpool.

I dressed myself rather untraditionally, as I covered myself completely up. The ethnic clothing there is tube top, so your tits and vadšei-dšei are almost covered, no tights whatsoever and heels that take you onto levels, there Felix Baumgartner has been.

Liverpool Town Hall:

Close your mouth, your heart cools down:

Laura and Laura:

Liverbirds are protecting the town and also Erik's chest:

Outshining competition
Three gracious ladies, oui!

My back seems to be my best feature:

The original Banksy artwork, pleasantly covered by plastic glass: 

Chester greeted us with some prosta power:

We were visiting Erik's mother, who lives in a bloody castle!
Rapunzel and all the Disney creatures, would live here:

One moment I was in Tartu, wtf?:

The most photographed clock after Big Ben, so I added some score to it:

Tanel is haunting the place:

Mama's treats:

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