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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Luciano's Birthday + Independence day of Nauru + Pizza

Last Monday our friends came back from Lapland and stayed in Stockholm before they returned to their home-countries. This meant that I had the honour and privilege to live together with Sven the whole week. Chinese food, good company and the shower being high up, because Sven is a bloody giant. 
On Thursday we celebrated Luciano's birthday, the Independence day of Nauru and Sven's last day in Sweden with a ridiculous load of pizzas. 

The long exposure makes grown-ups feel very happy and enthusiastic

My new oven finally served us all very well
three and half delicious treats :

Fuck TV, this is way better:

Ladies love to mole a heart and then eat it afterwards:

Protecting the pizza so Chloe would not eat it before it reaches the table:

Eat art!:

Luciano is getting his birthday kisses:

 In food she trusts:

Poor students should not eat this fancy:

The Lidingö madness might be stupid and unreasonable when seen from outside, but fuck it, because the people here were one loco coco group-o:

We gave Luciano a Max burger and straw-glasses for his birthday.
Money well spent:

My dry period continues. Lemonade or one 2.5% beer (which in my home is considered water):

Camille, why did you not join us in August? U mad?:

When nobody's looking, he creeps towards women with a smirk on:

"Welcome to the best place on Earth. Skybar":

He has literally beer goggles:

After grand feast, one must hold itself together:

Could. not. stop. laughing.:

Scream and jump:

New neighbours entering the circle:

I entered my room to use the toilet, but this disco owl was there, so I peed on the floor:

Shake ya ass, watch yourself, shake ya ass, show me what you're working for:

This freaky Nutella lover and fox urinate hater is one of the most loveable guy on Earth. Ladies, he is a keeper!:

Nauru's anthem made us randy :

"Nauru 45! That awesome island in the Pacific!"

Aske joined us on Skype:

Luciano, bulululullululululblulullullulululululul:

Uros took the lights out, argh:

After everyone had left me; Sven, Luciano and Daniele made tea and discussed about everything. As Sven had to take the 7AM bus, we promised to stay up until then.:

4AM tea:

 After some time, I was way too pussy and fell asleep. Boys continued to talk, cook and listen to music, while I was purring in the corner. 
Before Sven left, I woke up, waved goodbye also cried a little. Then I thought about Feng Shui shitting (on which Sven is master about) and my mood was up again.
 Nobody canna cross it!
Copyright - Luciano and William.

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