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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Johhaidii = The second day in Liverpool

The next day was a little more laid-back. We walked around the city and did tourist shit, as you do.

E and L have a special fireplace that probably does not work, but is excellent for placing pictures. 
We were there too, not sure if they change the picture every time new guests are around or they really love us...:

Great success is to be an adult and eat cookies for breakfast:

Lamp is a lamp:

After that we went out to walk around the city. 
"Come at me bro" and "Bring it on":

Massive tunes and wicked income:

Never-ending pattern of England:

Big house, don't remember what it was though:

A dress made out of human hair, little bit too kinky:

Endless pattern of Liverpool:

"Holding my head up, holding it up" - see what I did here?:

Of course, The Beatles, because my grandfather insisted that I should make some pictures. He saw Beatles in Stockholm 1963:

Lauras shine out, but boys are not far behind:

90's bar makes us fierce:

Those lips are made for being perfect:

Look what shoes I am wearing. Those were my Mister's Valentine's day gift for me. A clear hint...:


Unknown said...

Awesome pictures! The 'big house' is St George's hall fyi :p

Wilma Circus said...

The compliment is much appreciated. More to come and help me out with the facts :)