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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Taking the bus early in the morning and arriving to London six hours after that - bliss. I saw Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry and also got a massive pain in my spine.
Let alone the headache I got from London, which received me with open arms. Look at me, how whiny I am today.
The relationship with me and London is complicated, always will be. The year, when I got the taste of it, makes me look differently at it. If there would be no massive night life and that special person living in Dalston, it would not get excited at all. Although the thrill that I get as a historian is rather fun. 

The usual looking at remoteness and thinking about unicorns: 

As Ella lives almost around the corner from Brick Lane, then it was hard to avoid:

Never say never, maybe in the future:

Ghetto Circus:

Oh, well. I found my number randomly at Brick Lane:

London is a jungle, wild wild jungle:

We just walked to Liverpool street from Dalston:

Shining ass:

Cолёный огурец:

I could just ride on a bus the whole day long. The joy of retired people:

Päkapikk peidus - LOL at Shard:

Domes remind me of boobs, that is why I always take pictures of them:

We wanted to be intellectual and everything, so the easy way out was the Modern Tate. 
I am not sure if exhibition of John Heartfield's work has always been there and I have just missed it??
Luckily now I saw it and am very pleased:

You need sunglasses at night. First world problems:

Hipster warning:

My one and only Ella, she writes somewhatslightlydazed.co.uk/ and is just genuinely nice person with kinky habits. After my Mister left for home, we stayed up like until 4am, when it was time for me to head to the airport. Girl talk all the way. It was worth staying up like 36 hours in a row: 

Imma bird, imma plane:

Cotton sugar:

Probably above Denmark:

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